Thursday, July 17, 2003

Ingrams Redux

I've often said "Thank G-d for Andrew Sullivan" when reading his work, and I feel that way more then ever now. Among many other things, his sensitivity to anti-semitism has been remarkable. Today, he followed up with his entry on Ingrams with some more information. Ingrams' remark the other day (which both David and I picked up from various sources) was more than just a casual aside. He's got the whole "Blame the Jews/Israel for everything" down pat. Sullivan caught Ingrams article after 9/11. You guessed it... the real cause of it all was Israel. And as for jewish opinions, Ingrams favors a law requiring Jews to state their religious affiliations when writing to the editors. You can't make this stuff up.

But Andrew Sullivan isn't the only one watching and writing about this. Michael Totten, Sean LeFreniere and other traditional liberals, are noticing so many instances of this lately (and particularly from the Left) and have been outstanding on this issue. Thanks guys... you'll probably be accused of having your brains warped by the Jewish cabal (the same cabal that has taken over Bush's and Blair's brains... ya know, that one), but I have a hunch you don't care much about that. Anyway, in what can be a very ugly world... you provide hope. So thank you.


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