Thursday, July 24, 2003

Is the truth discernable?

When you look at the polarization of not just politics these days, but also of the rendition facts (and the observations that come from those facts), you have to wonder whether people's bias' get the best of them --- making objectivity generally elusive. I like to think that is not the case, and not all things are relative. I know I have certain leanings and dispositions, but I like to believe that I can be objective not only about impressions and judgements but also about the basic facts. Yet listening to many of those who have opposed Bush and the war in Iraq, and the convictions with which they hold to their 'facts', I can't help but wonder if we are doomed to disagree about the essentials of this president, this war and the fight against terrorism. Randy Barnett (subbing for Glenn Reynolds) had a very interesting piece on MSNBC about this -- if you haven't read it, you should. It does get me concerned... I generally believe in the 80/20 rule. 80% of people with common backgrounds generally agree on things and the other 20% don't. But now it feels a lot closer to 50/50. This doesn't in one bit change my convictions, but it gets me concerned that as a country, we will be hampered by a fundamental divide. For example, right now I believe we need to be together on pulling for our troops to succeed and to stay the course and get it as close to right as possible in Iraq. That the Democratic leadership is politicizing this pisses me off but doesn't surprise me. Yet, that the left generally (excluding classical, eg 'hawkish' liberals) believes the crap that is being thrown out there is, however, very alarming. By the way, check out Lileks very, very funny bit yesterday on the immediate mind games he goes through anticipating the anti-war reaction to good news on Iraq ... he is so right; I do that every time!


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