Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Objective Journalism Duex

I like to click on the nytimes.com just for the fun of seeing how they will represent things. There's a lot of headlines that could have come out of today's meeting between Bush and Sharon. Fox said "Bush Sites Mideast 'Progress', ... mentions Israel's positive steps". CNN said "Bush, Sharon focus on terror groups". But not the Times. It's headline:
"Israel to Continue Building Security Fence Criticized by Bush"
Bush's reaction to the fence was far more nuanced than that and the tone of the conference, including Bush's praise of Sharon's steps, are so different than that headline comes close to representing. Now to be fair, Reuters said roughly the same thing. I didn't have the stomach to go check out BBC; might as well look at Al Jeezara. Question: was there ever a NYTimes headline that read:
"Abbas Refuses to Dismantle Terror Organizations; PA in Violation of Roadmap"
I don't think so. And we'll never see it.


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