Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Objective Journalism

Hard to find, isn't it? Check out these headlines from the NYTimes. First this one:
"Bush Again Accuses Iran and Syria of Harboring Terrorists"
What is it with the "Again Accuses"? Like, are they saying... "here he goes again, accusing people of yada yada yada...". Why not let the reader decide if this is an accusation. Unless you believe that Islamic Jihad, Hamas, etc. -- all who have open offices in Damascus -- are not terrorists, then it is NOT an accusation. But fine... maybe people have different opinions about that. But why then is the Times voicing their's? And here is another in the same vein:
"Syria Brushes Off Bush 'Terrorism' Charges"
Again... why the quotes? It's not like they are quoting him. Rather, it is that they are saying clearly that they (the Times) do not necessarily subscribe to this view.

And you have got to love Reuters take on Jessica Lynch's homecoming.
"Jessica Lynch, the wounded Army private whose ordeal in Iraq was hyped into a media fiction of U.S. heroism...But when the 20-year-old supply clerk arrives by Blackhawk helicopter to the embrace of family and friends, media critics say the TV cameras will not show the return of an injured soldier so much as a reality-TV drama co-produced by U.S. government propaganda and credulous reporters."
That's their lead-in. I particularly liked this "objective" quote and lead in to the "response" from the administration (emphasis is mine):
""The failure here was that the news media got to thinking the government could be trusted to reflect reality," said Carolyn Marvin, professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communication. A spokesman for U.S. Central Command in Florida had no comment when asked about assertions that the heroism tale was government propaganda."
It takes a certain level of distrust and hatred to publish a piece as one sided as that. There is no balance.


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