Friday, July 11, 2003

What a difference a few years make....

Andrew Apostolou catches some remarkable changes in conviction by Robin Cook, Tony Blair's ex-cabinet member and Foreign Secretary. In 1998, Robin had this to say about Iraq and WMD:

"On the first point, there is no room for doubt over the scale of Saddam's chemical or biological capability, nor over his repeated attempts to conceal it."

But now, in 2003, he has a slightly different view:

"Mr Cook restated his belief that Iraq probably had no weapons of mass destruction.
He said: "Such weapons require substantial industrial plant and a large workforce. It is inconceivable that both could have been kept concealed for the two months we have been in occupation of Iraq. "

Now to be fair, he followed with this:

"I have never ruled out the possibility that we may unearth some old stock of biological toxins or chemical agents and it is possible that we may yet find some battlefield shells."

But then followed with this doozy:

"Nevertheless, this would not constitute weapons of mass destruction and would not justify the claim before the war that Iraq posed what the prime minister described as a 'current and serious threat'."

Read the whole thing.


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