Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The Bomb

Did you see Kristof's piece in the NYTimes today on the US' use of the bomb in Japan? I am floored; I actually can't believe he wrote it. It is extremely thoughtful and acts as a good rebuttable against those who seek to deny any moral standing to the US forever on the issue of WMD. That we dropped the bomb has always been, to me, a horrific act -- unbelievably tragic -- yet an act that can only be understand in the horrific nature of that war and its tremedous cost. Hence, the money quote from Kristof:
"It feels unseemly to defend the vaporizing of two cities, events that are regarded in some quarters as among the most monstrous acts of the 20th century. But we owe it to history to appreciate that the greatest tragedy of Hiroshima was not that so many people were incinerated in an instant, but that in a complex and brutal world, the alternatives were worse.
Read the whole thing.


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