Tuesday, August 05, 2003

It's true... Susan has logged on....

And the blogosphere will never be the same. I'm not joking! Watch out Lileks. This will be awesome.

PS David was right; I should not have hesitated on Raiders of the Lost Ark, a truly amazing movie. And not including Godfather II was the result of a very small but highly effective and temporary brain aneurism. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Susan's list is remarkable. I have seen almost all of them and they are terrific. And if you find more than 5 of them coinciding with the blogger top fifteen, I would be amazed. It's a generational thing. I feel slightly embarassed for not having Katherine Hepburn in there; my choice would also have been Bringing Up Baby. And while Susan's summary of Citizen Kane as "your typical story about a boy and a sled" had me in stitches, the movie IS AMAZING. Beside remarkably influential, it is a story of innocence lost ... family, friendship, principles, and love, all taken away or squandered. Now what is more poignant than that?

And if you don't know about it -- and you should -- the best internet site for movies and trivia is www.imdb.com. Please bookmark it. Now. Just do it. Please.


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