Thursday, August 07, 2003

The New Yemen Times

Shocked, shocked did you say, that the NYTimes would substitute opinion for facts? Jeff Jarvis had a wonderful catch today:
Who do they think they are, the Guardian?
: Tucked into a New York Times story from Baghdad about postwars rumors and urban legend -- rumors that soldiers' specs have X-ray vision -- comes this gratuitous swipe:
Of course, Americans have been circulating their own kinds of legends, starting with the fantasies a few months ago that the occupying troops would be peacefully welcomed by a nation of grateful flower-waving citizens.
Show me the official predictions of that and I'll show you the stories about Iraqis who were, in fact, relieved and welcoming.
The administration never did say it would be easy; in fact they went to lengths to say it wouldn't be. Some people outside the administration (on the web, in the media, etc) were predicting otherwise and some were certainly hoping for a flowery reception, but the government did not take that position. Having said that, there were plenty of stories of a welcoming reception by Iraqis. One of the best things about blogging is that there are people like Jarvis who will not let the Times get away with their crap.


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