Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Hitting the Nail on the Head: Anti-semitism commentary

I read the transcript today of an interview with Alain Finkielkraut in Le Figaro that was translated and posted in Europundits. I won't even try to summarize. Read it.

The seemingly exponential growth in anti-semitism on the left and it's ties to the language of "anti-racism" has been incredibly disturbing to me. I saw it, but didn't understand its roots. This interview pegged it just right, and although it is just the start of understanding this horror, it is an important start.

A preview:
The Israelis, as we know, have decided to build a security fence along the "green line". The Israeli left was behind this initiative, aiming to reinforce Israel's security. The right reluctantly accepted a solution which implied the renunciation of Greater Israel. ...It's not racial ideology as in the case of apartheid, it's fear of Palestinian terrorism. To interpret the Israeli-Palestinian situation through the lens of anti-racism, is to condemn yourself to understanding nothing, and moreover to dragging in the most absolute hatred: the racist is the enemy of humanity. If Israel is a race of camp guards, how can we not celebrate when an Israeli is killed? Isn't it one less Mengele? And nothing stops this hatred: the Jews of France who support a race of camp guards are complicit in the worst of crimes. This is the way they stick a swastika on the chests of those on whom they used to stick a yellow star. An animosity is displayed which becomes impossible to reason with and very hard to combat, because, in order to nazify the Jews, it makes use of the very memory of what happened to them.
For good measure, he also takes this wonderful swipe at Chomsky:
I thought this intellectual had been discredited by his preface to Faurisson [a French academic Holocaust denier] and by his ardent denial of the Cambodian genocide. I was wrong. The most prestigious publishers are fighting over the rights to the political works of a man who condemns to non-existence every crime or atrocity for which the American-Zionist entity cannot be held responsible.
Reading this, I smiled for the first time in awhile.


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