Friday, November 07, 2003

Jews, Jews and more Jews

If perhaps you were feeling pretty good today and thought things were getting better, here are three little items I found today that will bring you right down in the dumps. So read if you feel up to it.

First, check out this EU poll that showed that 59% of those polled in Europe found Israel to be the biggest threat to world peace, far ahead of anyone else (of course, US was in second).

Next, my man Norm found this lovely editorial in the New Straits Times. Here is a sample:
Not too long ago, disliking Jews was a legitimate political and cultural attitude in the West. Nowadays, antiSemitism is politically incorrect, and people like Hier and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre are adept at exploiting this taboo to support Israel's racist and genocidal policy towards the Palestinians. They try to stifle discussion and criticism of Israel, and use threats when they can. But Dr Mahathir's example shows not everyone is afraid of being labelled anti-Semitic when they speak the truth, and not every voice can be silenced. The Palestinians continue their struggle and everywhere, as the EU poll shows, people are speaking up for justice and peace for the Palestinians, and against the Zionist threat to world peace and Israel's continuing illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.
Ahh, the days when anti-semitism was not politcally taboo and free speech reigned. Notice the parallel on world peace...a trend I think we will continue to see.

Finally, Norm noted this entry by french blooger Francois Brutsch:
I haven't really got over a discussion I had last year with a very dear friend, of the generation before mine (and who had lived, therefore, through the war), a grande bourgeoise of the cosmopolitan left. After September 11 2001 she was indignant at the satisfied admiration felt by another friend, also of the left. Viscerally pro-Palestinian this woman had exclaimed: 'Well, you know, there are too many Jews about!'
How are you feeling now? By the way, if you haven't seen all this other stuff from Andrew Sullivan, then your day isn't complete. Check out all the entries on that day....


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