Monday, November 24, 2003

Well, at least they're honest...

According to David Bernstein at "The Volokh Conspiracy", the University of Toronto cancelled a Palestinian Solidarity Conference because it came to the University's attention that, in order to attend the conference, all participants were required to agree to a 'Basis of Unity', which included:
"1. We support the Palestinian right of return. It is non-negotiable.
2. A two state solution is not a viable or acceptable option for the Palestinian people.
3. Israel is a racist apartheid state.
4. Our activism is imbued with an anti-colonial feminist practice.
5. We support the right of the Palestinian people to resist Israeli [sic] and colonialism by any means of their choosing.
6. Actions that we organize at this conference will be developed under the framework of respecting a diversity of tactics."
When the organizers refused to let anyone in that didn't agree with these positions (to exclude others would violate the University's Statement on Freedom of Speech), the University cancelled the "conference." So, while part of me is amazed that such hatred and bigotry can be that openly expressed....on the other hand, at least some people may begin to see that a two-state solution isn't exactly what Israel's "negotiating partner" is really interested in.

I also find it particularly interesting that they used the language of the left to describe their mission. A "diversity of tactics" (not of opinion, just tactics).... different ways and means to blow up children, perhaps? "Anti-colonial feminist practice"... I actually have no freakin' idea what that means, but it might sound appealing to some gullible idiots. And resisting "colonialism" by any means of their choosing...well, we've seen what that resistance is all about. Do left leaders who actually care about human rights and liberal society understand the scope of the disease that is infecting their movement and language? I doubt thinks they are far more interested in beating Bush at all cost.


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