Thursday, December 04, 2003

A few random thoughts for the day...

First, check out Noam Chomsky's latest 'thoughts' on anti-semitism in the Independent. Here's a smidgen just to get your juices flowing...
"In the West, fortunately, it scarcely exists now, though it did in the past. There is, of course, what the Anti-Defamation League calls "the real anti-Semitism", more dangerous than the old-fashioned kind: criticism of policies of the state of Israel and US support for them, opposition to a vast US military budget, etc. In contrast, anti-Arab racism is rampant. The manifestations are shocking, in elite intellectual circles as well, but arouse little concern because they are considered legitimate: the most extreme form of racism."

(Hat tip to Norm.) That's right. That is why there are so many Muslim children are afraid to walk the streets or attend school in France, why Mosques are being blown up in Instanbul and why Israelis are strapping bombs to their chests and blowing up buses in the Arab world. Jews on the other hand...perfectly safe throughout the world. What is it about this guy? Read the rest of the interview. Enough in there to have him committed.

Next, check out Michelle's thoughts on Powell's decision to meet with the Geneva 'Peace Talks' participants.
"For now, Powell should be taken to task for getting involved in this sham of a peace process at all, and Bush should make it clear that Powell was acting on his own. Even if it makes the administration look shaky, it's better than looking like you stand in line with Clinton, Carter and Mandella by supporting terror."

She's absolutely right. Providing legitimacy to these talks is incredibly reckless and dangerous. That Carter is so enthusiastic is no step to his 'final solution.' But Bush can't let Powell use the administration to support this effort.

And then there is Julie Burchill from the Guardian. I have never read her before, but will never forget her now. She has written for this paper for some time, but is now leaving because of what she call's its bias against Israel.

"Not only do I admire the Guardian, I also find it fun to read, which in a way is more of a compliment. But if there is one issue that has made me feel less loyal to my newspaper over the past year, it has been what I, as a non-Jew, perceive to be a quite striking bias against the state of Israel. Which, for all its faults, is the only country in that barren region that you or I, or any feminist, atheist, homosexual or trade unionist, could bear to live under. "

Bless her beautiful heart. Read the rest. Really.

Finally, do you watch Nightline? I don't, but every now and then turn it on because I have the failed memory that it somehow is an interesting show. Sort of like nostolgia (which Christopher Lasch once called the abdication of memory). Anyway, Tuesday night I turned it on at the beginning and in the first 30 seconds, Hair-man Koppel mentioned how US lawmakers are intimidated by the Israeli lobby against voicing criticism against Israel and how Israel is not only not making peace but expanding the settlements. That was in the first thirty seconds. And not only was I pissed, I was confused. What the hell did one issue have to do with the other... where was this heading. Well, I found out....sort of. The topic became a 'discussion' of Israeli Air Force pilots who have refused to carry out airstrikes in Palestinian areas, calling the practice "illegal... immoral... and corrupting [to] Israeli society as a whole." Now I was really pissed off and even more confused. The premise is ridiculous, but the content is just a barrage of shit thrown at the screen to make the overwhelming point of how horrible Israel is.

But I digress, .... it is anti-Muslim hatred that we need to be concerned about.


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