Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Freudian Slip?

Did you see what one of our ex-Presidents and resident blowhard, Jimmy "I Never Met a Dictator I Didn't Like" Carter, said the other day with respect to the Middle-East peace process? Criticizing the Bush administration for what he called its "bias" toward Israel, he speculated that history might have been different if he had been re-elected president in 1980:
"Had I been elected to a second term, with the prestige and authority and influence and reputation I had in the region, we could have moved to a final solution."
Okay.... let's just skip his ridiculous speculation about being re-elected given that he lost in one of the worst landslide defeats of a sitting president in this country's history, and let's just move beyond his remarkable display of arrogance with respect to what he calls his prestige AND authority AND influence AND reputation (sorry, but Camp David was about two men with true courage and a third who was needed only to foot the bill), HOW could Carter, a man who 'purports' to be a mediator and statesman, use the term "final solution?" Two possibilities I can think of: he is either an idiot or a man with deep-seated hatred of certain semitic peoples. I am going to assume he is not an idiot....


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