Thursday, January 29, 2004

Couldn't argue with that...

Roger Simon connects the dots between a morally challenged Europe and Democratic politicians who embrace the liberation of Iraq with the charge that Bush lied. He then ends with this bullet to the heart of Terry McAuliffe:
This one California Democrat, proud American, agnostic Jew, lifetime liberal (sometime even leftist) whose family allegiance to the Democratic Party goes back several generations (my parents were “Gladly with Adlai”) is not going to be voting their way this time. I don’t care what George Bush’s tax policies are. Unless the Democrats have a moral awakening, which doesn’t seem in the cards, I won’t desecrate the memory of those who were gassed (Kurd, Jew or whoever) by voting for them.

One of the many reasons I read Roger's blog every day. You should do the same.


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