Wednesday, February 18, 2004


For those who have not feasted yet on what is probably the funniest political website by any blogger, do yourself a favor and checkout Allah Pundit. He is completely irreverent and often vulgar (some of you might find his stuff at times a bit over the top). But he is incredibly witty and well-read and ... I happen to agree with his politics (to many, including followers of Islam, he will be anywhere from mildly to extremely offensive). Often he takes the voice of radical islamist (hence the site name), finishing many of his sentences with the arabic put-down 'kufr' (which technically means "to show ungratefulness to Allah and not to believe in Him and His religion.")

I first read him when he wrote a parody of Tom Friedman. I still laugh out loud when I read it. He captures that glib smuggness combined with informed-idiocy masquerading as intelligence. You should read the whole thing and also read the actual Friedman articles that Allahpundit links to (it shows you how well he captures him).

This guy also covers regular politics and has been all over Dean for months with some outrageous 'cartoons'. But today, with Edwards showing some surprising strength in Wisconsin, he put up a few mock campaign posters that had me on the floor. A must see.

I have to say, .... he is on to something. The Democrats want a winner. Period. They don't care who...just someone to beat Bush. And anyone who leans that way might even think this way.

Anyway, enjoy Allah. He is a hoot.


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