Friday, February 13, 2004

Just Imagine if the World thought like Victor Davis Hanson...

.... we would be in good shape. But the world doesn't, so Hanson imagined what it would be like if it worked the way a variety of American, Middle Eastern, and European pundits said it did...or even if they believed it worked that way. If we believed in this make-believe world, then we could actually imagine that:
That when all the Israelis vacate the Gaza Strip and, like most of the Arab world elsewhere it is free of Jews, indigenous Palestinian consensual government will at last quickly bring peace and tranquility there to its own delighted native citizenry.

That Arab-Israeli communities near the border are agitating to be annexed by Palestine in order to join their brethren under the aegis of Mr. Arafat's non-Zionist utopia.

That with the promised two-state solution and a return to the so-called Green Line, a few thousand Jewish émigrés can choose to live in safety in newly autonomous Palestine in the same manner as hundreds of thousands of their Arab counterparts now do in Israel.

That Pakistan, Iran, and Libya, either in fear or out of admiration, bowed to pressure from the EU and the UN to release information about their WMD programs.

That Saudi Arabia is now hunting down al Qaedists due to belated sympathy and concern about 9/11.
That had Mr. Carter been allowed to employ his patented Nobel-Prize winning Korean model of curbing nuclear proliferation with Muammar Khaddafi, Libya would now be free of nukes.

You get the idea. For awhile I was laughing, if only because Hanson captured that tortured, made-up reality so well. But many people think that way. And, actually, that is not so funny. Read the rest.


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