Friday, March 12, 2004

Say What?

Who said this today?
"If she did not know it yet, she knows it now: Europe is part of the battlefield of hyper-terrorism." .... "Nothing, evidently, no cause, no context, no supposedly political objective, justifies this kind of [large scale] terrorism."
"If the trail back to Al-Qaida is confirmed, Europeans should rethink the war against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, as did the United States after the attacks of September 11, 2001. . . . Will March 11 have in Europe the same effect as September 11 in the US? After having spontaneously expressed their solidarity with the Americans, the Europeans, preoccupied with other forms of terrorism, found that the Americans had become consumed with paranoia. Contrary to the latter in 2001, Europeans today discover not only their own vulnerability, but also that they are confronted with a new phenomenon, mass terrorism. Like the Americans, they may now be forced to admit that a new form of world war has been declared, not against Islam but against totalitarian and violent fundamentalism. That the world's democracies are confronted with the same menace and should act together, using military means and waging at the same time a war for their ideals."

Ready? Le Monde (Hat Tip: Sully, during a lull between his epileptic Gay-Marriage fits). Yep, the same paper that wrote the headline "We are All Americans" but then followed that in the body of the text with why we had it coming.

Do they finally get it? Doubt it, but we'll see.


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