Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Nick Berg was Jewish

I didn't know that. Did you? I certainly haven't seen it reported anywhere. Not at least until I read Jeff Jarvis latest post.
Berg's father said his son was Jewish and had a fringed religious cloth [tzit-tzit] with him, but he did not think Berg wore the clothing in public. Still, "there's a better chance than not that they knew he was Jewish,' Michael Berg said. "If there was any doubt that they were going to kill him that probably clinched it, I'm guessing.'

Jeff concludes by saying:
"Listenening to NPR and the BBC on the way to work this morning, I heard no mention at all that Berg was Jewish. Is that just bad reporting? It could not be more relevant: Al Qaeda selects American Jews for execution. Let's call Nazis Nazis."

Good for Jeff. And thank you for letting us know this and calling these executioners what they are. Will it get widely reported?


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