Monday, June 07, 2004

Heard that tune before

A wonderful quote from 1939 in the face of rampaging fascism in Europe from some leading American "intellectuals":
"[World War I] showed only too clearly that we can have no faith in imperialist crusades to bring freedom to any people. Our entry into the war, under the slogan "Stop Hitler!" would actually result in the immediate introduction of totalitarianism over here ... The American people can best help [the German people] by fighting at home to keep their own liberties." - John Dewey, William Carlos Williams, Meyer Schapiro, and other leading American intellectuals, in Partisan Review, Fall 1939.(Hat Tip to Mr. Sullivan via David Gelertner in the WSJ)

'Imperialist crusade', 'introduction of totalitarianism' at home if we fight, best help we can offer is to simply stay at home and be a beacon of freedom..... these themes from the opposition aren't just similar; they are identical. If it weren't such a dangerous time, I would find this fascinating. Instead, I find its reuse and widespread support both contemptible and threatening.


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