Monday, January 31, 2005

Lileks on the election

For all the times I have been accused by many of my friends of living in a dream-world and swallowing whole the 'propaganda' of the Bush 'regime', Lileks offers the perfect response:
"I’m just glad I’m stupid enough to be hopeful. I’m glad I’m naive enough to suspect Iraqis actually wanted to vote. I’m very glad I’m not so aslosh with solipsistic hatred that any success in Iraq makes me trot out a cynical riposte so the rest of my buddies on Olympus will nod in wry assent. I’m glad that a picture of a mother holding her daughter to cast the ballot reminds me that this is number two in a series. [re: Afghanistan] All other things aside – which is a difficult thing to posit, I know – I’m glad to be on the side of holding elections. In the end I’m glad to be glad. And now I will go skip through the daisies and sing happy songs about bunnies, because I am obviously a fool. What was the cover story of the Village Voice I saw in the library today? “Bush’s plan to destroy the world.” Destroy it some more, George."

Life is much more pleasant when you actually hope for good things to happen... and believe in them when they do.


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