Monday, January 05, 2004

Why an International Tribunal is a lousy idea...

Mark Steyn, as usual, writes a pithy column about why an International Tribunal is a really bad place to try Saddam Hussein.

A very good point, sort of thrown in, however, is this:
Up to the moment Saddam popped out of the spider-hole, the international jet set's line was that deplorable as Saddam's rule might be -- gassing Kurds, feeding folks feet-first into industrial shredders, etc. -- it was strictly an internal matter for the Iraqi people. The minute the old boy was in U.S. custody, the international jet set's revised position was that gassing Kurds, feeding folks into industrial shredders and so forth were crimes against the whole world and certainly not a matter for the Iraqi people. Instead, we need a (drumroll, please) United Nations-mandated international tribunal.


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