Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I will bet that Ted Kennedy and the others will lay the blame for this
on the President and Rumsfeld. They will say that if we had not mistreated the Iraqi prisoners, this would not have happened. That is an obvious lie, but that has never stopped the Kennedy crowd before (notice that it is AL Qaeda that claims "credit" for this. The Kennedy folks deny that Al Qaeda is in Iraq). It is not the President who is responsible for this, it is Al Qaeda. To a lesser extent, it is Don Hewitt and "60 Minutes II" that is responsible for this. May they rot.
Also, a newsflash: I just learned that a relative of one of the people who were guards at the prison had e-mailed 17 members of Congress (16 Democrats, 1 Republican) a long time ago, because he was afraid that his nephew would be made a scapegoat. He wanted to enlist their aid in investigating the charges of abuse at Abu Ghraib. He was blown off by each and every one of them. Among those who received these letters: Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, Hillary Clinton, Jay Rockefeller..... I doubt that "60 Minutes II" or Ted Koppell will bother exposing and investigating this interesting tidbit.


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