Monday, February 28, 2005

The Making of a 9/11 Republican

The phenomenally named "Cinnamon Stillwell" writes in the San Francisco Gate about her transformation from a woman "indoctrinated in the postcolonialist, self-loathing school of multiculturalism, [who] thought America was the root of all evil in the world," to a "9/11 Republican."

I wonder if we're going to really see a lot more of this. As the Democratic Party finds itself more and more in thrall to the left which seems increasingly divorced from reality, the Republican Party stands to gain membership. Hopefully, the more libertarian wing of the Republican party will be strengthened as well, and we will really see a change in the way the country is run.

It seems to me my parents were ahead of their time in this -- my father having transformed from the folk-singing "hippie lawyer" wearing black armbands to a Reagan Republican. I recall him telling a story about a Nina Simone concert in which the crowd was exhorted to cheer for the death of Barry Goldwater and his horror at the supposedly sensitive crowd's bloodlust. He has mentioned that his conversion began at that moment. I expect that, as for the columnist, 9/11 created many of those moments for others.

Hat tip: LGF.


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