Friday, August 19, 2005

I know a "musical genius"!

One of my best friends, Marc Dinkin, has written a musical that is currently on at the New York Fringe Festival. According to today's New York Post'sPage 6:


HOW funny is the new Fringe Festival show, 'SUV: The Musical?' It's so funny that even an executive at Ford Motor Corp., which is repeatedly ridiculed in the play over its behemoth-sized cars and trucks, called it 'hilarious.' 'My wife and I laughed out loud all night,' said Bill Collins, who works in Ford's New York office. 'The audience had a great time, too, seeing crash test dummies humanized and auto execs demonized.' Collins singled out the work of Kenny Wade Marshall, who plays at least four roles in the play written by The Post's Gersh Kuntzman and musical genius Marc Dinkin.


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