Sunday, June 22, 2003

Justice Something-Or-Other.

So, according to a new Findlaw survey, "only 35 percent of American adults could name at least one current Supreme Court justice. Fewer than 1 percent could correctly name all nine justices."

Evidently Justice O'Connor has the best name recognition -- 25% were able to name her, followed by Justice Thomas and Chief Justice Rehnquist.

Poor Justice Stevens brought up the rear with only 1% naming him. But, you know, he's kinda boring. When I used to go to see SCOTUS arguments, he was always sorta like the vice-principal, bringing up stuff like jurisdiction and ripeness, as Justice Scalia looked on, politely waiting for Justice Stevens to finish so he could get back to scaring the attorneys.

Meanwhile, 100% of respondents were able to correctly identify "the black girl on The Facts of Life" as "Tootie."

OK, that last thing wasn't really part of the survey, but I'll bet you it's true.

Thanks to SCOTUSblog via The Volokh Conspiracy for the link.


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