Wednesday, August 13, 2003

"And then we'll play Pin The Hand On The Leper!"

James Lileks' column in the Tribune from Sunday (which is, of course, extremely funny) alerted me to what may conceivably win the "sick humor kids party game" award. On The Totanic, one of those inflatable bouncy things that kids can jump on, your child party-goers may, according to the website,
Experience the thrill of sliding down the deck of the Totanic from 20 feet
above the ground, with an icy cold bounce waiting for you at the bottom!

Excuse me?

It reminded me a little bit of the "sick humor kids handheld game" award winner when I was a kid, a Nintendo "Game and Watch" called (depending on who marketed it) either Fireman, Fireman or just Fire.

In the game, you controlled these two paramedic guys with a stretcher who had responded to a fire. Babies would come out of the burning building and you had to bounce the babies over to the waiting ambulance and safety. If you dropped one, there would be a little LCD "splat" (complete with tiny blood drops) and then a little baby angel would appear in the top right corner. Three baby angels, and the game was over.

My mother called it Dead Babies and depending on her mood, sometimes played to lose.

UPDATE: It turns out that some enterprising person made a Windows simulation of Dead Babies which can be found on this page.


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