Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Move On...

Well, apparently the people at "moveon.org," (a group I became familiar with thanks to a member of an email list I'm on who thought they were just the greatest thing in the world, until she heard of Dr. Dean and started gushing incessantly about him) became very upset with the New York Post because they didn't agree to fire Bob Novak. I don't really understand why they would want Novak fired; he was the columnist who started the whole kerfuffle about the "burnt CIA agent" that threatens to reignite the independent counsel, and he was against the war in Iraq, so you'd think moveon.org would love him.

Anyway, apparently, moveon.org, upset that the Post didn't agree not to run his column, deluged a Post columnist with phone calls.

Every time I hear anything about these guys, I am less impressed.


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