Friday, October 03, 2003

Soaring over sorrow

This is an older story, but I just found it.

It seems that as part of celebrations surrounding the 85th anniversary of Poland's air force (and that's quite the record they've got -- by my count, they're 0 and 2) 3 Israeli Air Force F-15s did a fly-over over Auschwitz-Birkenau.

That link is a column on the event, here's a link to a brief story (second story down) on the flyover. Evidently the museum objected to the flyover, saying that "the show of military might was an inappropriate way to commemorate the victims."

On the contrary. The show of military might is the most appropriate way to commemorate the victims.

The museum's position is the way to invite more victims. "Let us all bow our heads, and contemplate, but heaven forbid stop it from happening again. That would interrupt our tsk-tsking. Don't display any ability to fight back -- we like our Jews silent, passive, and marching into ovens. Then we can sigh mournfully, and discuss how it was the killer's upbringing, lack of social-worker guidance and meat-eating that led him to murder people. If only he'd been a vegan."

As Brigadier General Amir Eshel pointed out, the IDF "got here 60 years too late."

Of course, if they'd done anything, the UN would condemn them for attacking, instead of "waiting for the inspections to be completed."


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