Monday, October 20, 2003

..typically caused by Tony Orlando and Dawn...

Evidently, some professor has done a study of what he calls "earworms" -- those songs that get stuck in your head FOREVER!!!!!

Last year, he surveyed about 500 students, faculty and staff on campus asking about the type, frequency and duration of earworms, and possible causes and cures. Among the songs respondents picked as most likely to become stuck were: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” the Chili’s restaurant “baby back ribs” jingle and “Who Let the Dogs Out.”
But the choice that topped the so-called “playlist from hell” was “Other,” meaning the majority of those surveyed chose a unique song of their own as the most probable earworm. That led Kellaris to conclude that stuck songs are highly idiosyncratic.
“There are certain tunes that we would describe as catchy that are more likely to become one, but just about anything can become an earworm,” he said.

Now, the quickest way to make my father nutso is to sing a certain song by Tony Orlando and Dawn. He is so crazed by this song that you can't even say the title. I will, therefore, merely hint at the title -- T A Y R R T O O T. The sentiment addressed in the song has been adopted as a method to show support to troops abroad (which, incidentally, makes no sense, considering the song has nothing whatsoever to do with that, but we'll ignore that for now) and is both criminally catchy and is also so lacking in soul that it amazes me that a guy named Tony Orlando (and not, for example, Pat Boone) sang it.

I'm sure you know the one I mean, now -- the one that soaks into your head and makes you want to put on a powder blue tuxedo with ruffles, so that you can match the song.

It is not, however, in my opinion, the worst song ever. That award goes to "Afternoon Delight," by the Starland Vocal Band. That one is truly terrible.

Also, "Feelings."


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