Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"Well, at least you could say you were married..."

In a testament to the macabre, a woman in France (where else?) has married a dead person.

Dressed in a demure black suit, a 35-year-old Frenchwoman has married her dead boyfriend, an exchange of vows that required authorization from President Jacques Chirac.
. . . .

Demichel told LCI television she understood "it could seem shocking to marry someone who is dead," but her feelings for him had not dimmed. His body was not present for the ceremony.

Such marriages are legal if the living spouse can prove the couple had intended to marry before the other died. The French president must also authorize it.

I think the most interesting thing about this story is that evidently French law has contemplated it. Apparently, in France, it's not that unusual to marry a dead guy.

UPDATE: Professor Volokh has graciously linked!


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