Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Sacrifice and Redemption in Auschwitz

So many of my friends have parents with stories identical to this one and my uncle (who recently left us) was one of the Americans (may this country be blessed for 1000 years) whom G-d selected to effect these miracles. Now, my friends have many children, and their children are beginning to have children. Each one of these is a testament to G-d's determination that the Jewish people will not become extinct. Each one of these children is a blessing sent from G-d... and each one of these children is a curse upon Hitler's memory and upon those who would destroy us!
In every generation there are those who come against us to destroy us. We Jews have, for thousands of years, been canaries in the coal mine - the ultimate warning system. Now there are those who have risen again to destroy, not only the Jewish people, but the entire Judeo-Christian civilization. It is America and its soldiers who, in this generation are now doing G-d's work. May G-d bless every one of them, and bring them home safely.


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