Monday, August 22, 2005

Least Surprising Headline of the Year Award

Today's Washington Post: "Folk Singer Supports Anti-War Protesters."

You're kidding. A folk singer supports the anti-war protesters? I can't believe it?!

News would be David Crosby or someone standing up and saying, "This isn't Vietnam, guys. The '60s are over. There really are bad people out there, and this is going to help."

But they won't. They don't have the guts to take on "the folk man." I know this because I know what happened to my father. My father is a former folk singer, and after he courageously took a stand against the folk establishment and changed his party affiliation to "Republican," we were awakened at 2:30AM by the earth-shoe wearing folk police, who rapped at our door and, brandishing a warrant on recycled, bleach-free paper, seized my father's guitars and served him with a restraining order (this one on paper manufactured from a hemp by-product) forbidding him from going within 50 yards of "The Bitter End."

Now, when we are in the Village, my father, in order to comply, must ensure he is on the south side of Bleecker Street between Thompson and LaGuardia, and although I know it hurts him, he holds his head up high, secure in the knowledge that he has done the right thing, much as it may have cost him.


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