Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Moore: No people died of terrorism last year.

According to Jeff Jarvis, Michael Moore stated on the Today Show that:
"There is no terrorist threat."
Lester Holt, shocked, says is there not evidence of a terrorist threat just two miles away?
Moore says, "How many people died because of terrorism last year? None." He calls the bombings of the World Trade Center "occasional, horrible incidents."

I haven't been able to find a transcript online, but I have no reason to doubt Mr. Jarvis. Certainly, Moore's said "there is no terrorist threat" before. (Do a search for the words.)

Now, Michael Moore has proven himself, time and time again, to be a big honking gasbag, but:

That's my cousin, Rabbi Elimelech Shapira. He was murdered by terrorists on July 25, 2002.

And that's him with his wife and 8 kids.

But maybe I'm being unfair. After all, he did say "in the past year." All right. I guess none of these are people.

And I guess nobody on this list, who were murdered not quite a year ago in Bali is a person either.

Michael Moore, you disgust me.


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