Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Government sponsored anti-Semitic "art."

As noted by Silent Running and The Herald Sun, it seems the Melbourne, Australia, City Council has funded some anti-Israel propaganda.

The "art" consists of a window, with an Israeli Flag and the following words in red across the window:

Since the creation of Israel in 1948

200,000 Palestinians have been killed
5,000,000 refugees have been created
21,000 square kilometers of land have been annexed
385 towns and villages have been destroyed
200,000 settlements have been built
300 billion military dollars have been spent
100+ WMDs have been manifactured
65 UN resolutions have been ignored

I don't want to steal his bandwidth by linking directly to the image so click on the Silent Running link above to see the "art."

As Honest Reporting points out, the "art" is rife with factual errors:

● Independent analyses by SIPRI, B'Tselem, and other agencies indicate that no more than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since 1948. Meanwhile, Israel has lost 20,297 military personnel since the War of Independence.

● The actual number of Arab refugees in 1949 was, according to Israeli sources, 538,000. (The UN puts the figure at 720,000.) Due primarily to neglect by Arab leaders, their descendents have reached over 4 million.

● The 21,000 square kilometers of land that the exhibition claims Israel 'annexed' apparently refers to the actual size of Israel itself - without considering disputed territories. This is a clear indication that the 'artist' considers Israel's very existence illegitimate.

● '200,000 settlements'?! Even if one includes the Golan and eastern Jerusalem, there are no more than 350 disputed settlements.

The Melbourne City Council should immediately take this opportunity to review the "art" it is paying for.


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