Friday, July 23, 2004

Response to :"This product doesn't quite sell itself"

Unfortunately, my "brilliant, handsome, debonair and man-about-town real estate attorney" son (and his equally modest mother) wouldn't recognize a wonderful buy if it rose up, whistled the Hallelujah Chorus, and bit him on his nose.  The Tuna Turner was a wondeful work-saving invention.  It could not core a apple, but it could mix all of the elements of a tuna salad into a marvelous melange without the backbreaking necessity of using a fork.  It was a great gadget (and it only cost $2.00 at Oddjob).  For years, I have suffered in silence at the neverending japes aimed by David and his mother at my purchase of the Tuna Turner.  However, no more will I stand quietly by while they poke fun at my attempts to ease the burden of kitchen drudgery.  This is it!!  The Tuna Turner will be defended from now on!
Does anyone want to buy a slightly used Ronco fishing rod?


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